Socially Responsible Ecotourism

“MEET Drops of Knowledge” #4 – MEET Ecotourism Manual

MEET network is proud to share, as fourth entry of the “Drops of Knowledge” series, the newly published “MEET Manual – A guide to discover the MEET approach”.

The purpose of this Manual is to provide local people, businesses, NGOs and especially protected area managing bodies with a clear pathway to plan and enhance ecotourism in […]

MEET us in our humble island home: Karpathos Characters

What comes to mind when you think of a typical beach holiday in the Mediterranean? Images of beaches crowded with umbrellas and hundreds of tourists? Sand, sun and sea? Last week you read about the newest MEET project activities in Karpathos and Saria Marine Regional Park, which not only provide opportunities for development and conservation, […]

MEET Ecotourism Successes & Challenges

The Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism (MEET) is an EU funded project involving eight countries in a common effort to develop a shared approach for the development of sustainable tourism in Mediterranean protected areas. This project aims to define a common framework of governance for tourism planning, valid in different Mediterranean realities, however, working in multi-stakeholder […]

Leading Socially Responsible Ecotourism: 5 Lessons from the MEET Lebanon South Test Tour

Socially responsible ecotourism is one of the outstanding aspects developed as part of the recent MEET test tour in Al Shouf Cedar and Tyre Coast Nature Reserves (Southern Lebanon), part of the MEET Network’s round of Spring Test Tours. Below are some leading examples of socially responsible ecotourism employed as part of the MEET Spring […]