MEET Network is happy to share the second entry of the “Drops of Knowledge” Ecotourism series.

This time we are sharing a collection of Ecotourism best practices, prepared during MEET project by Europarc Italy – Federparchi with the support of the rest of the partners, to learn lessons form the best international experiences on-ecotourism, in order to support the realization of the project’s pilot actions.

With more than 60 Ecotourism Best practices around the world and a section including lessons learned and tips, it is an interesting and informative read!

MEET bestpractices

You can download the Manual here!

The “Drops of Knowledge” ecotourism series aims at putting in value the work done and the lessons learned, sharing materials, presentations, documents and interesting facts…fruit of Mediterranean Experience of EcoTourism journey and beyond.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come!