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“MEET” Cévennes national park ecotourism experience

In this last blog entry, we are glad to share a text by Ginger Warder of her experience during MEET fam trip in Cèvennes National Park, straight from GoNomad website a great supporter of MEET Tours! Enjoy!

A Locavore’s Tour of Cévennes National Park
“When I was invited to test an ecotourism itinerary titled Hiking Up a […]

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International Experts Sustainable Travel International support MEET in their ecotourism endeavours

On the southern coast of Crete, accessible only by boat or a seven-hour hike through the Samaria Gorge, sits the tiny village of Agia Roumeli. During the tourist season, May through October, 100 people live in the village. But during the winter months, the population shrinks to 20 and everyone depends on visitors for […]

Welcome to the MEET Network blog!

Welcome to the Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism (MEET) Network blog. The Network’s work and vision is to conserve of the Mediterranean natural and cultural mosaic by developing ecotourism packages in natural areas following a participative approach to involve and benefit the local communities and drive conservation efforts. Here we will share stories, experiences and examples of ecotourism best practise from MEET […]

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